All air conditioners and heaters we sell come with manufacturers warranties that provide coverage of equipment for upwards of 10 years with additional coverage for labor.

Warranties can vary from brand to brand. Most manufacturers offer warranties that cover certain parts of the A/C unit for specific timeframe and other parts on a different length of time. These parts include the compressor, condenser, connecting tubing, the evaporator, and refrigerant charge.


To keep your air conditioning system running efficiently, it should be maintained on a routine schedule. Having a service maintenance plan can help keep repair costs down. The routine maintenance plan will allow an HVAC professional to perform scheduled inspections of your system annually or semi-annually.

By assessing, inspecting and evaluating the operational functions of the unit, the professional can determine when a small problem arises, to perform a minimal repair instead of a costly one.


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There are extended warranties available to handle A/C repair issues once the original warranty has expired. It is important to always use a licensed, authorized service professional to perform all the work on your home’s HVAC system. Warranties can be voided when performed by any non-authorized technician.

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