Technology today have created very powerful, yet efficient window air conditioners. In the early 2000’s, window air conditioners were still in beta stages. It wasn’t until a few years ago they made quite-operating, energy efficient window air conditioners. Star Air Kontrol is going to give you many helpful tips to select an air conditioner that is perfect for your home.
There is no need to spend thousands and thousands on central air conditioners… especially if your air conditioner is only used three months out of the year. Window air conditioners are perfect if you’re trying to cool down single-rooms. Star Air Kontrol suggests to have a room air conditioner where you or your family hang out the most in. There’s no need to have a central air conditioner gobbling up your energy, cooling parts of the house that don’t need to cooled down. Choose an energy efficient window air conditioner with an abundance of features, which includes; thermostats, remote controls, and even choosing cooling/fan speeds. Window air conditioners are affordable, efficient and most certainly reliable. That’s why most of our room air conditioners come with at least a 3 year warranty.


The advantages of purchasing a window air conditioner through Star Air Kontrol:

Star Air Kontrol has window air conditioners that cool up to 200 square feet for under $100, or a an air conditioner that cool/heat up to 1,200 square feet for as low as $419!

Star Air Kontrol has room air conditioners that are energy star certified, meaning you are helping the environment by going green. The window air conditioners we have many different modes and of course, the famous “energy-saver” mode to help conserve energy as much as possible.

Discounted Air Conditioner warehouseStar Air Kontrol window air conditioners are the most popular because they are affordable and easy to install. Some models can also double as a heater. Most can be installed in either a single- or double-hung window and typically come with accordion panels to ensure a secure fit. Models designed for sliding windows require a support that can be attached to the exterior of your home.

Our window air conditioners are very affordable and simple to install. If you’re looking for an air conditioner with heat window unit, then look no further! Star Air Kontrol has window air conditioners with heat from all sizes, even heat pump 8,000 BTU at 115 volt application. A large amount of window air conditioners can be installed in a single or double double-hung window and all our air conditioners come with window mounting kits.

Installing a window air conditioner requires no contractor. All our window air conditioners come with window mounting brackets for your air conditioner and easy to read, simple step-by-step instructions on how to install your window air conditioner. Also, most window air conditioner units use a 115 volt application, meaning you can plug into your everyday normal house outlet, like the ones you plug your television in! Window air conditioners above 15,000 BTU need to use a 230-volt dedicated circuit. Please double check your power options before purchasing an window air conditioner.