Ease through the Wall Air Conditioner

We are so dependent on a number of man-made discoveries that we cannot imagine to survive without them; one such invention is the air conditioner. It is needed everywhere and in all kinds of places; from a grocery shop to an office.
With the on-going trend, appliances are advancing as well. They are installed inside the wall hole and are generally used to cool a single room. The best thing about ‘through the wall’ air conditioners is that they can be installed into a window or a wall. These units are single and self-contained conditioners; they work for the ventilation of the room by removing the exhaust heat and humidity; bringing in the fresh air.
Things that you need to keep in mind while installing through the wall air conditioner are as follows:

1. Determine the thickness of the wall: this needs you to see the distance from the inside of the hole to the outside of the hole. 
2. Construction on the outside of the wall air conditioner: the air conditioner needs to breathe; the sides of the air conditioner on the outside have vents which should not be blocked in any way. This can happen if the construction of the house has a brick or similar material placed near or right next to the vents of the air conditioner. 
3. BTU: these are the units of power called ‘British thermal units’. If u want to cool a larger area (though it is made to cool a single room) u need to have an air conditioner that has more BTU. It should be proportional to your room size and should not be larger than that. 
4. Plug type: voltage and amperage are the two parts of the plug type. What you need to consider before installing through the wall air conditioner is that the circuit is 15 amps and 125V/15 A is the plug most commonly for homes. However, if you plan to have a unit larger than this you need to call in an electrician who will update your circuitry. On the other hand, if you are just replacing the existing unit; make sure that the new unit has the same plug type.

Through the wall air conditioners are not just inexpensive they look pleasant to the eyes. The benefits of having these are many:

1. Installation: you can easily install it yourself with all the attachments of the air conditioner. It will be even easier if you have an installed sleeve with it. 
2. Efficiency: they are quiet energy efficient and have a large range of capabilities.
3. Portable: it is easy to replace or remove the unit. The tools needed to fix it are the ones that you normally have at home such as a screwdriver so that makes things easier. This kind of an air conditioner is more beneficial if you do not have a window in your room. In case you plan to move out of the house, it can easily be removed and can be carried with you. 
4. The window remains: one major benefit to installing a wall air conditioner is that you do not have to give up your window, which means you can let in fresh air on days you’re not running the unit.