Cooper & Hunter Victoria Series 24,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump (220V) SEER 20

  • Intelligent Defrost & Pre-Heating
  • Comfortable Sleep Mode
  • Multiple Fan Speeds
  • LED Display


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Product Overview


Star Air Kontrol presents it’s new soundless ductless split air conditioner. It’s a 20 SEER system and uses G10 Inverter Technology. Cooper and Hunter 24,000 BTU mini split air conditioner uses a 220 volt outlet and conveniently has a low voltage start-up to increase efficiency. Loaded with intelligent defrost and pre-heating, the Cooper and Hunter ductless ac does it all! Not to mention this air conditioner with heat pump uses multiple fan speeds to help set the level of comfort you need. Last, but not least, this Cooper & Hunter brand is powered by Gree. Many have you trusted GREE products for many years and now it’s finally producing Mini Splits under “Cooper and Hunter”.
wide and about 3,000 patents received for Cooper & Hunter mini split air conditioners.

G-10 Inverter Technology used in these Single-Zone Split Air Conditioners:

The G-10 Inverter is unique because it can slow down the rotation of the compressor, which enables accurate temperature control and about 40% saving in your electricity bill. Also, the mini split air conditioner G-10 inverter technology allows voltage adaptation ( 150-265 in) and that incurs absolutely no damage when there is changes in the network.

Another advantage of the Cooper & Hunter mini split air conditioner is the high-speed microprocessor and this technology in returns gives high control functions and effective controls of all parameters. It’s reliability is above the rest and that’s backed up by their quality control during all stages of production.

Turbo mode is a major check mark when purchasing an ductless system. This cooper & hunter has the ability to rapidly cool down or heat up to the preferred temperature. You can also save on the electricity by changing fan modes: high to low.

These Cooper & Hunter Mini Split air conditioners are manufactured to serve the community with quality products.

Cooper & Hunters main motive is to produce quality mini split air conditioners.

Cooper & Hunter, powered by Gree, relies on two programs of quality:

  1. “The strategy of a perfect product”
  2. “Global Quality Control”

Cooper & Hunter prides themselves on these two programs and quality and because of that, C&H has reached one of the highest quality produced mini split air conditioners in the market!

There are many reasons why the Cooper & Hunter stand above the rest, and the difference in between other mini split air conditioners is; high level of equipment reliability, 100% testing of all split system components, one of a kind characteristics, super sleek and 2016 oriented design and not to mention their ductless split air conditioners are known globally across the world.

Cooper & Hunter failure level is so low that only 2 out of 10,000 mini split air conditioners are defect ( ~ 0.2% ). It’s high standard quality control is so strict that it is one of the few split air conditioner producers that meet the requirements of American Association of engineers for heating, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Information on Cooper & Hunter’s Production:

The head location of Cooper & Hunter’s manufacturing resides in GREE Electric Appliance INC, located in Zhuhai city.

They have partnered with GREE productions to make one of the most technologically sound air conditioners in the whole world. Everyone knows and trust Gree mini split air conditioners because the science and experimental industrial base is acknowledged globally.

This top 10 production plant where they manufacturer these single-zone mini split air conditioners meet all sky level industrial and culture standards.

There are about 300 laboratories world

Additional information

A/C Spec Sheet:

System Type : Heat Pump
Power Supply : 208-230V/60Hz
Rated Current Cooling : 8.0 Amps
Rated Current Heating : 8.4 Amps
Cooling Capacity (Min-Max) : 24,000 (6,800-27,300) Btu/h
Heating Capacity (Min-Max) : 23,000 (6,800-30,700) Btu/h
SEER : 20
HSPF/COP : 10.0/11.5

Indoor Unit
Air Flow : 706/647/588/530 CFM
Sound Pressure Level – T/H/M/L : 48/44/40/36 dB(A)
Indoor unit dimension (WxHxD) : 42.4×12.8×9.7 inches
Net/Gross Weight : 34/42

Outdoor Unit
Compressor Type : DC Inverter-driven rotary
Sound Pressure Level : 59 dB(A)
Outdoor unit dimension (WxHxD) : 38.6×31.1×16.8 inches
Net/Gross Weight : 142/153 lb
Refrigerant/Charge : R410A/77.6


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