8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner

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Product Overview

Soleus air is shocking the world again with their new sister brand, “Cool-Living”. Soleus is known to provide only exceptional units but for a cost higher than most. Now you can get their new window and wall units, with the same specifications but priced unbelievably low! The Cool-Living air conditioner units use a Toshiba compressor (most common compressor in the U.S.) and have been through tests to be energy star qualified. Included is your ability to be able to change your directions of air flow, and comes loaded with one of the best “Sleep” mode technology known to man. Cool-Living air conditioners have a seer rating of 10.8 or 10.7. Remote control included. *Cooling Only*

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Additional information

Dimensions 15.75 × 19.13 × 12.63 cm






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