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Star Air Kontrol is Orange County’s leading Mini Split Air conditioner distributor. Our air conditioning price is rightfully lower than anyone in Southern California! We strive to keep air conditioner cost at a low so we can better help servicing our customers with all their air conditioner systems needs.

Mini split air conditioner shopping is not always the easiest. Finding the correct ductless air conditioner for your room is very important, and with our wide variety of mini splits, Star Air Kontrol will help you find the perfect mini split air conditioner needed to cool or heat up your room. Ductless air conditioner and Star Air Kontrol go hand in hand.

Out with the old, and in with the new ductless mini split air conditioners. About 50% or greater of the Eastern Hemisphere of the world use ductless air conditioners and so should you! Duct central air conditioners are a complete waste of money and the cost comparison to the mini split air conditioner is basically free. You save thousands and thousands by choosing ductless air conditioner. It’s no wonder why they’re starting to populate here in the U.S.A., people are starting to choose energy efficient air conditioners and if you love to same money, then go ductless!

HVAC contractors trust our quality and have been for the past 25 years. It’s hard to find a wholesale air conditioner outlet in Orange County, because other competitors pricing is too unreasonable or they’re carrying cheap air conditioners that will break down on you within the year.

Star Air Kontrol pledges quality, commercial air conditioning units for less. We are the leading HVAC wholesale store in Orange County and Star Air Kontrol prides itself on it’s customer service and unbeatable prices on all air conditioners.

Our split air conditioners have such high efficiency, that they are all backed up with energy star certifications, which lets you know that you’re picking out a really energy efficient split air conditioner system.

Please beware other competitors using deceptive air conditioner selling tactics by placing Mitsubishi, LG, G.E., Toshiba logos on their ductless split air conditioners. This is very common online and the only way knowing if something is created by those reputable brands is by checking the air conditioner spec sheet. If no where does it mention those elite brands, then beware, because you’re buying a knock-off air conditioner.

Another mistake other competitors do to mislead their customers in the HVAC world is;

  • Lying about the applicable square footage based on the BTU they are selling.
    It’s a rule of thumb and everyone in the air conditioning and heating business knows this… 30 BTU is needed for every square foot for heating or cooling. Avoid all air conditioner salesmen that try to tell you a 24,000 BTU mini split can cool down 2,000 SQFT. That’s just mathematically impossible.

Please check out our own brand name mini-split air conditioners. They are 16 SEER, which passes the new law requirement in California, and that’s 15 SEER or higher. Star Air Kontrol is going green and everyone should too. Also remember, the higher the energy efficiency rating, the higher the savings on your monthly electricity bill. California has always hot summers and that air conditioner, for most of us, is running all day. We are the air conditioning distributors that always stock  mini split for sale orange county and even most of Southern California.

So it’s important to pick an energy efficient air conditioner in California, especially Orange County, or you will be paying the big bucks every month for your cooling unit. Our ductless air conditioning units come fully equipped with 15′ copper line sets, making it easier for you to install your new mini split ac.

That’s why people for the past 25 years still choose us today because no other manufacturer gives you free installation kits and we’re here to stop that trend and start a new one. We want to provide only the best air conditioner units for our customers.

So come by today and pick out a ductless air conditioner that fits you!

Check our super sweet priced ductless ac , you will not be disappointed. Thousands of people have chose Star Air Kontrol… why not you!?