The term “Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump”, by no surprise, is one of the most commonly searched HVAC kekeywordsn the internet today. Star Air Kontrol is here to serve the rising demand in Orange County  with an extremely wide selection of mini split air conditioners. For the past 25 years, we have been providing only top of the line climate control for your homes, allowing you to cool down or even heat up any given area with ease and comfort.  Our high rated ductless air conditioning systems combat rising utility prices by backing all our split systems with eco-friendly R410-A refrigerant. Going green allows you to save big bundles, time and most importantly, headaches from your current HVAC system! Everyone in the Eastern Hemisphere of the world use mini split air conditioners… why not you?
We have an endless options of mini split air conditioner that will fit your unique needs. Every respective house is different and that’s why we provide a variety of ductless air conditioners to help make your life easy. Summer in Orange County is a death trap, with temperatures going easily over 100 degrees on a daily basis, it’s essential to have a powerful air conditioner in working condition or get fried by the heat. Even summer nights are hectic, keeping you tossing and turning all night long. A comfortable mattress is just as important as a powerful mini split air conditioner.
 Our split air conditioners all have a sleek-design, which make it more aesthetically pleasing in your home. Ductless split air conditioners require an air handler that will have to be mounted in the wall of your home. Installation of these systems is not rocket science, however, a professional installer is highly recommended and required because part of the installation includes special HVAC equipment. 99% of time the manufacturer will void the warranty of your split air conditioner if not installed by a licensed professional.
The cost of Installation and mini split air conditioners are a fraction of what it takes to put a duct air conditioning system in your home. Keep in mind duct air conditioners also gobble up energy and cool down parts of the house that are just unnecessary. Ductless mini splits is one of those few trends you should follow. Going green is the new cool!
Ductless air conditioners also require no ducting, hence the name “ductless mini split”  and all is needed is about a 3” hole for the lines to run to the outside compressor.  Another pro for having a mini split is that you can install the outside condenser 50 feet away from the indoor air handler. Quiet, discreet and super lavish design is what you experience when you decide to install one of these systems in your home. By going ductless you eliminate large obnoxious appliances interrupting your interior design and you get an air conditioner that will pay it dividends in time. It’s time to put an end into those window units that often go bad within a matter of years and Star Air Kontrol is here to assist you every step of the way.
Mini Split air conditioners is everything an economist needs. When comparing central to split air conditioners, the rule of thumb is that they are less efficient than ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. Stop wasting your money cooling down or heating up areas that are just unnecessary. Plus we all know that central air conditioners rarely work upstairs, it’s always the downstairs that’s as cold as a fridge but the top remains warm and lifeless.