Star Air Kontrol is Orange County’s leading Mini Split Air conditioner distributor. Our air conditioning price is rightfully lower than anyone in Southern California! We strive to keep air conditioner cost at a low so we can better help servicing our customers with all their air conditioner systems needs.

Whats a Mini Split AC Heat Pump?

First and foremost, you need to know that a mini split AC heat pump means you are getting two functioning options.. Cooling & energy-saver heat pump. A mini split is a type of split air conditioner that includes an outside compressor and indoor air handler unit inside. The split system allows you to cool down or heat up segments of the house, rather than cooling down the house and wasting so energy. What’s the point? Cool down and heat up the rooms you use on a regular basis, running ducts and having central air conditioning is just flat-out expensive. Mini Split Air Conditioners with heat pumps allow you to change temperatures from as low as 56 degrees to crankin’ up the heat all the way to 85 degrees. This split air conditioner system allows you to get the best of both worlds, rather than other air conditioning units that just provide straight cooling and a split in your wallet at the end of the month. Split air conditioners, not split your wallet! 

Why go Heat-Pump and not Electric Heat-strip?

Old air conditioning systems, especially the split air conditioner have used electric heat-strips. The reason why about 90% of mini split AC are made from heat pump is because of the severe savings heat pump creates vs. electric heat-strip. Electric heat-strips are flat-out so costly and need so much electricity to power these outdated, energy consuming strips. Electric heat-strips also create a fire hazard, because old ducts raise the risk of a fire, which is another reason you want to switch to mini split heat pumps. By choosing heat pump, you don’t lose any efficiency in cooling or heating, there’s only positive beneficial outcomes by switching to split air conditioners. Stop wasting your hard-earned money on something can be resolved simply by adding a split system.

Who sells the best mini split heat pump?

There are many dealers across the world that distribute mini split air conditioners, and at times, it’s tough to differentiate good quality from the bad. We, Star Air Kontrol, have a variety of top brand names at a price impossible for anyone else to hold. Not only do we carry top brand names, but we have many eco-friendly brand names that aren’t super popular but have specifications that amount to the top brand name split air conditioner lines. That means all of our mini split heat pump our top quality and nothing junk. The only commercial, heavy-duty quality mini split air conditioners are being sold by us. We have twenty-five years in the business and Star Air Kontrol has built a company that stands by our customers no matter what. 99% of all mini split air conditioners are being made in China… even your highly recognized LG, G.E, Midea, all made in Chinese factories. Check the box of the split air conditioner if you don’t believe us. All these top name companies HAVE to charge more than other brands because they have so much overhead. When you purchase top brand names just know you are paying for a sticker. The proof for that is go take a look at specification sheets. The specifications sheet speak for itself, the sticker is just marketing.  Our own brand name mini split heat pump, Air Kontrol, has specs that match to with the top-tier brands.  Do not get it confused. You can get the same quality as top brand names for a fraction of the price at Star Air Kontrol. Star Air Kontrol has been doing this for a very long time and will always set up our customers with the best quality possible, for a price that cannot be attained anywhere else. You TELL US how much you’d like to pay and the SEER rating preferred and we’ll find you something that perfectly goes hand-in-hand with your budget. These split air conditioners are so energy efficient that in no time

We have many, many brands in stock and at all times:

  1. Midea
  2. General Electric
  3. L.G.
  4. Cooper & Hunter
  5. GREE
  6. Air Kontrol

and we can go on for days! We have so much in stock, and at an affordable price, that’s why we are still here after 25 years of business.


Can you have one air conditioner condenser and multiple heads (air handlers)?

It is absolutely possible to have multi-zone mini split air conditioners and they can of course still be utilized with heat pump. They are not recommended because they are big energy users and simply they haven’t been around long enough for developers to perfect the multi-zone, like they have with the single zone. Also, just remember, if one condenser goes out… all the mini split air conditioners are no longer working. Last but not least, purchasing 3 single zone air conditioners is still way cheaper than purchasing a tri-zone mini split air conditioner.


How does split air conditioner go up against central?

Doing some thorough research will lead you to the answer that mini-split work much more efficiently than central air conditioning. Mini split air conditioners allow you to set the temperature in every room to comfort. You basically are in full control in every rooms’ climate. Unlike central air conditioners, switching to split air conditioner, in the long run, will pay for the unit itself. Never, ever will a central unit pay back its dividends in the long-run.


What about window air conditioner heat pump?

Those are always in stock. Please refer to the Soleus Window Air Conditioner 12,000 Btu 220-volt heat pump.


How much heat pump do I need to heat up my room properly?

Finding out how much heat pump BTU for your room is the exact same way as sizing an air conditioner. 10,000 BTU cooling will do the same SQFT coverage as 10,000 BTU heating. When you are trying to appropriately size a room, you must always take in consideration; windows, insulation, ceiling height and some other few factors like your climate in the area you live in. There’s no need to buy an air conditioner when 90% of the year you are freezing to death, so that’s why size appropriately for a heat pump. Vice versa for an air conditioner with heat pump. If you aren’t experiencing much heat, then don’t purchase a huge heat pump. It’s very simple to pick out an air conditioner for your room, and if you are having troubles, our staff at Star Air Kontrol will help you find the perfect air conditioner needed.


Why are brand name ductless air conditioners prices so expensive?

Brand name air conditioners, such as;

General Electric, Comfort Aire, Haier, Midea, L.G., and all others are more expensive because of their overhead expenses.

These overhead expenses include; loads of money on advertising, they pair their salesmen, their accounting team, the rent on their 70,000 SQFt building. The list goes on forever, and the bad thing about all those expenses is that they charge their customers for all the overhead. They incorporate all those costs into the unit they’re selling to you. Those mini split air conditioners can be found without brand name, same specifications for a fraction of the cost! Sometimes paying for the sticker isn’t worth it but if you’re one of those people, no worries.

We got all types of big boy brand names in stock, so choosing a mini split ac heat pump is going to be easy with Star Air Kontrol. Our own brand name mini split air conditioner has been a big hit here in Southern California and we will continue to strive to make quality products for the people of Orange County and surrounding areas. Before purchasing any brand split air conditioner, just simply do a little research on the specifications. The specification sheet holds the true information of your air conditioner, not the sticker on the box! This tip we’ve provided holds true to almost every product in the world. Beware of brand name and always do a little research before you invest your hard-earned money.