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Window Air Conditioner – Where to buy and Helpful Tips

Technology today have created very powerful, yet efficient window air conditioners. In the early 2000’s, window air conditioners were still in beta stages. It wasn’t until a few years ago they made quite-operating, energy efficient window air conditioners. Star Air...

Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump

The term “Mini Split Air Conditioner Heat Pump”, by no surprise, is one of the most commonly searched HVAC kekeywordsn the internet today. Star Air Kontrol is here to serve the rising demand in Orange County  with an extremely wide selection of mini split air...

Mini Split AC with Heat Pump Walk-through

Whats a Mini Split AC Heat Pump? First and foremost, you need to know that a mini split AC heat pump means you are getting two functioning options.. Cooling & energy-saver heat pump. A mini split is a type of split air conditioner that includes an outside...