Single-Zone&Multi-Zone 9-36KBTU Wall Mount
StarAirKontrol 8,000-14,000BTUWALLAC (2)
CeilingCassette 12-24k multi zone
SingleZone&MultiZone Remote
48K MultiZone


Not only have we been distributing air conditioners and appliances all over California for 20 years, we also offer our own product backed by the warranty and sold at great prices. All of our products are manufactured by Midea and use genuine Toshiba compressors.

They are significantly more energy efficient than those currently sold on the market. They are ultra-quiet systems with all of the features you see on other brands, but vastly superior quality.


The abundance of anions present at waterfalls, rivers and in forests soothe and refreshes the normal person. Star Air Kontrol air conditioners have taken advantage of the ionizer technology to bring the refreshing air to your own home.

Oxygen Generating Mechanism:

The oxygen enrichment membrane in the outdoor unit can increase the oxygen desnity by up to 30%. It brings refreshing air in, and hot air out, so FAST!

Independent De-Humidification Action:

Independent dehumidifying lowers the water vapor in the room, but has no effect on cooling efficiency.

Optimization Design Of Specially Multi-folding Evaporator:

Innovative structure of multi-folding evaporator of Star Air Kontrol artfully increases area of dissipation. Optimization design of flow path of heat exchange: Tubules are used in heat exchanges to increase area of dissipation and also achieving one of the strongest energy conservation.

Elaborate Design, and Highly efficient refrigeration:

Star Air Kontrol has adopted world-famous compressor, Toshiba, which enable high efficiency in cooling & heating, and long-term use of your mini-split.